Our foster and adopted kids are not lost. They are a part of the same generation as children with parents. Our mission at We Were You Foundation is to cultivate support, educate, and embrace children who suffered the hurt of a loved lost. Our goal is to bridge together foster parents, adoptive parents, children, and community resources with the understanding that it takes a village to raise a child. With a new perspective filled with hope and direction. We seek to change children from infancy to 18 years old in Miami Dade County.


Broken hearts can be mended. Our vision is to show the way through seminars, workshops, summer camps, mentorship and other activities that will help replace by using an unfortunate situation into a motivation. Our vision is to reach out to successful adults who were once foster kids who were in the care of the state, adopted and became successful. It is through this avenue that our program will produce real life examples that We Were You.