Vice President
Native to Miami, Fl. Marsha became heavily intrigued with helping and serving the community at an early age. It all started with church youth group trips to the local Senior Citizens Home and outings that involved feeding the homeless as well as assisting and helping with various food, clothing and shoe drives to help those less fortunate locally and globally. With a passion for charitable work and to see the smiles of men, women and children became something Marsha looked for more and more opportunities to see. Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University, Marsha not only sought to be part of charitable work and nonprofit organizations but wanted to be one who could help by organizing and building the framework of grassroots nonprofit organizations from the ground up and reinforcing the continued success of large nonprofit organizations. Understanding the power in grassroots organizations as well as large nonprofit organizations, Marsha understands that when we all work together as one that all of mankind is all the greater. Since the inception of its service, Marsha has been and proud board member of We Were You Foundation Inc and is fully committed to advocacy of children both in foster care and in children shelters in South Florida.